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The Museum of Modern Art Collection
Stockholm Sweden - Director Pontus Hulten 1965
The First TV experiment 1964-1965, prior to Video Art 1966, by the Swedish artist Ture Sjolander is part of the Moderna Museet's Art Collection in Stockholm. Installation object with a canvas and auto projection of 80 slides. Acquired by the director Pontus Hulten for the Museum of Modern Art Stockholm.
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Interviews at the beginning is made by legendary TV-news journalist Ulf Thoren SVT and Journalist Berit Thuresson at the largest newspaper Aftonbladet, Stockholm. The artist Ture Sjolander declare "war" against the US Pop Art and insist that the best galleries and museums is located outdoors where people are, and not indoors in rooms and museums.
Swedish language, and sound tracks by among other's; Vivaldi, Charles Mingus and Janne "Loffe" Karlsson playing drums on images/photographs.
Film Photography by famous professor Lars Svanberg.
Venue: The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Art and the Subway Stations in Stockholm undergrounds.
Sjolander explained: " You can never have an exhibition indoors, it will only be an Inhibition" and said he don't wan't to be inspired by the advertising crap on public spaces, he wanted to take over the billboards outdoors and put art on them instead. His statements is clear and laud that the art museums is an obsolete display form in the mid 20th century. "
From there he move fast forward and start using television as a new artistic medium for his expression resulting in the first Video Art experiment "Time", 1966.